Visitors’ Parking Permits – Piloting a New Scheme

The Tenants Association has successfully negotiated a pilot scheme to test a new system of issuing visitors’ parking permits in the Alverstone/Lockwood/Blades courtyard.
You will be able to buy up to five weeks’ worth of tickets (ie. 10) which you can use on any one day up until the end of 2016. This means you can have one handy for those unannounced visits by relatives or maintenance engineers, particularly at weekends.
The pilot will run from 15 February to 15 April.
Let us know if you think it’s working or if you want to suggest changes.
Here is Hyde’s letter about it:


To All Residents Alverstone House, Blades House, Lockwood House

Dear residents,

Re:  Visitor Parking Permit Pilot for Alverstone, Blades and Lockwood House.

 We are writing to inform you that we are working with the Kennington Park Estate Tenants and Residents Association to pilot a new scheme for visitor’s parking permits for Alverstone, Blades and Lockwood House.

The current parking policy states that residents can only obtain two visitors parking permits in any one week.  Under the terms of the pilot, residents will be able to purchase a book of 10 permits which can cover a period of up to five weeks and which will be valid until the end of 2016.

Please note this is for a trial period of 3 months, covering the car park area around the Alverstone, Blades and Lockwood courtyard.  If successful, we will consider rolling this out to other areas of the estate.

This pilot will commence from the 15th February 2016, until 15th April 2016.  Under the pilot the cost of a visitor’s permit is £3 per day which can be purchased in the usual way by visiting the local Oval office.

Residents are reminded that under the terms of Hyde Southbank’s Parking policy, Hyde Southbank Homes retains the right to refuse the issuing of permits if resident do not adhere to the terms of the policy.  Copies of the policy can be obtained from the local Oval office.

If you would like further information about the pilot, please contact the local office at:  1 Alverstone House, Magee Street, London SE11 5TS.

Yours faithfully

Michael Cooper, Estate Services Manager





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