Kennington Park Community Centre is being refurbished, not demolished – see the latest plans!

Since consultation with residents began last summer, the Hyde Group has made substantial changes to its original proposal to demolish and replace the Community Centre.


Residents made their hostility to these plans very clear, and many argued for the current Centre to be refurbished rather than demolished.

This is what is now happening.

Current plans now comprise retaining the best features of the Community Centre, in particular the Main Hall,

and refurbishing the rest of the building to modernise it, enlarge the community room, rebuild the toilets and drains, and make it more pleasant, more eco-friendly and more cost-effective for us all to use.

The courtyard space will be extended and turned into a community garden. And there will be a community cafe as part of the space at the front of the building.

The current Arts Depot building will be replaced by modern facilities for community and creative activities on the ground floor; the eight flats on top will be no higher than the existing buildings and will be let at social rents.

We will post the latest designs as they become available. The latest information can be found at and




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