New buildings on the Estate?

Proposed development of Harleyford Road and Kennington Park Community Centre


The Hyde Group is proposing to replace our Community Centre and the office building at 8a Harleyford Street between Blades and Lockwood Houses with a five-storey block of 13 flats for sale, a small supermarket and a new, smaller Community Centre.

Those residents who attended a consultation meeting in September, particularly those living nearest the site, did not welcome the plans. Amongst the concerns expressed was the overlarge size of the proposed development, the loss of daylight to neighbouring flats, the loss of the community centre’s outdoor space, the location of the retail unit’s delivery bay right next to people’s homes, traffic management both in respect of parking and an increased number of large delivery vehicles using the Estate’s narrow roads, and the fact that the proposed flats would solely be for sale rather than available to house local families at rents they can afford.

Some of CZWG Architects’ plans are reproduced here. Following the meeting with residents, the Hyde Group is reviewing its proposals. We await developments.

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