Northern Line Extension works at Kennington Green

Northern Line Extension (NLE) Works Site at Kennington Green


  • At the end of March, the acoustic enclosure at Kennington Green will be taken down.
  • This process will start at the end of March and take approximately five weeks to complete.
  • Following the removal of the acoustic enclosure, the next phase of works will involve the construction of the basement structures for the Head House.
  • Between April and June 2018, the concrete slab located on Kennington Green will be removed
  • 16 metres underground will then be excavated for the basement.
  • Construction of the basement taking place between June 2018 and January 2019.
  • It will be necessary to move the line of the hoardings out temporarily, although footpath access will remain.
  • It will also be necessary to reopen the road barrier to Montford Place, (outside the Beefeater entrance) to allow access to properties.
  • 24/7 working will continue underground, however above ground works will take place during normal working hours, although extended hours are sometimes required for concrete pours.
  • The NLE team will attempt to reduce disruption for local residents as much as possible.
  • By the time the acoustic shed is removed, underground works will be approximately 1km away from the shaft, so any noise will be greatly reduced
  • Concrete slab removal will be undertaken by means of a floor saw to remove large pieces, with some use of an excavator also required.
  • The team is currently in discussions with RTK Soundex to develop an improved system to shield large pieces of concrete (and therefore contain the noise created by concrete breaking) that have to be broken by an excavator.
  • There will be 60 vehicles per day attending the site during this phase.
  • The hoarding will remain and a crawler crane will be used, which looks similar to the piling rig used on site previously.
  • There will also be various pieces of plant in operation at the surface and a series of steel props will be visible. The footprint shown in the illustration will be opened up.
  • The line on the site of the Green in the illustration represents the perimeter of the basement, which equates to 750m 2.


Note: Questions and concerns can be directed to the NLE Team as follows:

Phone: 0343 222 2424 (24 hours)




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