Minutes 19 November 2014

Minutes of the Meeting of Kennington Park Estate Tenants’ Association held on 19 November2014 at Kennington Park Estate Community Centre

 Present:      24 tenants and leaseholders of Kennington Park Estate, Marco Barrella in the chair

In attendance:       Christina Edoja, HSH Housing Officer, Tamara Williams-Harding, Hyde Resident Engagement Officer

  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Nigel Walker, HSH Resident Services Manager.  Also from Cllr Claire Holland, Cllr Jane Edbrooke, Cllr Jack Hopkins (due to meeting of full Council)

  1. Minutes of last meeting of the Association held on 9 July 2014

The minutes of the 9 July 2014 meeting of the Tenants’ Association were approved as a correct record of that meeting.


  1. Matters arising from the notes of the last meeting

The Secretary confirmed that little progress had been made in terms of HSH management action on issues of great concern to residents of Kennington Park Estate: for example, the very poor performance of the repairs contractor, Mears; no progress on the drainage stack clearance programme; no parking enforcement system for over two years and parking spaces on the Estate still abused and misused by non residents who had discovered there was no penalty for doing so.  Progress reports on the majority of matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting were on the agenda for this meeting.


  1. Housing management and estate management issues: Questions and queries from residents for HSH management

Residents reported problems for the attention of HSH management as follows:

  • No further progress had been made in terms of the vertical drainage stack clearance programme. Residents and the TA had been in correspondence with Hyde/HSH since this time last year during which promises and commitments had been made by Hyde senior managers but this urgent, essential work had still not been undertaken to protect residents from back surge and flooding.  It was, therefore, agreed to support the Tenants’ Association in pursuance of a formal complaint against Hyde.
  • Residents of Sherwin House reported that the flood lights at Sherwin had been out of order for many months even though the Housing Officer and other staff had been informed several times. Sherwin residents also reported inadequate cleaning.
  • A resident of Blades House reported rain water, etc, puddling on the balcony which was causing leaking and damage through the fabric of the building and through into properties below
  • 24 Sherwin and 6 Sherwin reported leaks from properties above
  • Abel House residents reported security doors not functioning properly hence no security. HSH management had given it a low priority to be repaired within 30 days.
  • Another resident reported staff making simple mistakes when dealing with her rent account.
  • A Hornby resident expressed concern about access to the court yard for visitors and it was agreed to establish the position with visitor permits for this particular block


  1. Proposal from Hyde to redevelop the site of the Kennington Park Estate Community Centre: Progress Report

Joan gave a briefing on the meeting with Hyde representatives held on 3 November 2014.  TA representatives had made it very clear that the impact on KPE of the frequent back and forth of delivery vehicles for the retail unit and the dust, disruption and heavy delivery vehicles associated with a construction site were unequivocally unacceptable.  Hyde was in negotiation with Lambeth Council planning department.  The TA was taking the initiative to ensure our political representatives, MP and Councillors, were aware of residents’ concerns.  The TA was urging Hyde to keep residents informed.  TA representatives were concerned to hear from Sonia Reid that the HSH Resident Assurance Committee had been informed that KPETA had not expressed significant concern about the plans for the redevelopment of the site.  It was agreed that TA reps were to contact the Hyde managers in question to clarify what exactly had been reported to the RAC.  TA reps were to continue to ensure the concerns of KPE residents were emphasised at every opportunity and report on progress at the next TA meeting.


  1. Progress report on introduction of warden controlled parking enforcement arrangements

The Secretary reported on the inordinately slow progress with introduction of a warden controlled parking enforcement system.  Residents were aware this had already taken over two years and the new system for parking enforcement has still not been introduced and HSH managers had not given a definite date by which it would be implemented.  The TA had been raising the issue relentlessly with management since early 2012 when it was known clamping was to be illegal from October 2012.  On this basis it was proposed and residents agreed that the TA should pursue a formal complaint against Hyde on the matter.



  1. Programme of planned and cyclical maintenance on Kennington Park Estate (including programme of external decorations)

As reported to the last meeting of the TA and in the newsletter, Hyde was not keeping to the spirit or the word of the tenancy agreement in relation to its responsibilities for planned and cyclical maintenance on Kennington Park Estate (that is, regular external maintenance to keep the exterior of the buildings and associated external fixtures and services in a good state of repair.)  In response to sustained, high level representations from the TA, Hyde had reviewed the programme and brought forward by several years the urgent external maintenance work required to Kennington Park Estate.  However, Hyde had refused to itemise clearly the extent of work to be included in the planned maintenance programme.  For example Hyde had not confirmed that essential maintenance such as gutter clearance was to be undertaken.


As discussed earlier in the meeting, a particularly important element of the planned and cyclical maintenance programme was the significantly delayed vertical drainage stack clearance programme.  At the TA meeting in November 2013 residents were promised the stack clearance work was imminent.  It was confirmed that the issue was to be escalated to the highest level.


  1. Report from TA Executive Committee:

It was confirmed that the TA Executive Committee continued to work on all the issues discussed at this meeting, that is, negotiations with Hyde Head Office staff about the proposed redevelopment of the site of the Community Centre, repairs contractor performance, the planned and cyclical maintenance programme, arrangements for resident parking on the Estate, estate inspections, cleaning and grounds maintenance etc.


  1. Report on from HSH Resident Assurance Committee and HSH Board

Sonia Reid confirmed that the Resident Assurance Committee was extremely concerned about the level of resident complaints and the inadequate, inconsistent management of complaints by Hyde.  The TA had formally requested a report from the HSH Board but no response had been received.  It was noted that lack of a report from the HSH Board represented lack of accountability to residents.


  1. Report from HSH Resident Forum

Marilyn reported that the HSH Resident Forum consisting of reps from Stockwell TAs as well as reps from Kennington Park Estate TA, were equally frustrated and dissatisfied with services such as the call centre, the repairs service, management of service charges, parking enforcement, communal repairs, contract management and lack of local and central accountability.


  1. Any other business

Residents wished to register concern about the management of the Community Centre and the activities on offer from the Community Centre.  It was agreed to raise the issue with Hyde Plus, the part of the Hyde Group which is responsible for running the Community Centre on behalf of residents.


  1. Date of next meeting of Kennington Park Estate TA: 18 February 2015

Meeting of Executive Committee to organise next meeting, 1830, Monday, 2 February 2015, 1A Lockwood House.  Dates for meetings thereafter, 29 April, 15 July, 23 September (AGM), 18 November 2015.

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