Minutes 27 February 2019


Present: 13 tenants and leaseholders.  Joan Twelves in the chair.

In attendance: Adrian Jones, Chief Executive, Your Story

  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Alex Reuben, Jennifer Gore, Cllr Hopkins, Cllr Normal, Cllr Holland, Matt Hopkins (Property Manager, Kennington Park Estate)

  1. Minutes of the last Meeting of the Tenants’ Association held on 28 November 2018

The minutes of the previous meeting of the Tenants’ Association held on 28 November 2018 were approved as a correct record of that meeting.

  1. Matters arising from the minutes of the last meeting

Matters arising from those minutes were covered by the agenda for this meeting including communal repairs, communal lighting, pest control, drainage, installation of bike hangars, etc.

  1. Housing Management and Estate Management Issues

Matt Hopkins, the KPE Property Manager had given his apologies for absence from the meeting.  Residents discussed issues in relation to the management of the Estate including:  Replacement of trees which had been removed for safety reasons or because they were dead.

Alverstone House: problems identified in relation to grounds maintenance, specifically care of planters, responsibilities of dog owners for activities of dogs,  Lack of police patrol presence was also discussed.

Sherwin House: vermin in evidence, litter near refuse enclosures, fly tipping, anti-social behaviour caused by one particular resident attracting unsavoury individuals to purchase dubious substances, electrical contractors failing to sweep and clean appropriately at the end of the working day.

In a detailed discussion about anti-social behaviour, it was confirmed that Community Centre managers, that is TA Officers, were working closely with Hyde to ensure the provision of activities for young people covering personal development, education and employment, were regularly available and accessible.  Initiatives included mentoring for young people, family support, work with local schools, regular football sessions at Henry Fawcett.

Adrian Jones introduced himself as Chief Executive of Your Story, an organisation supporting young people with personal development.  He confirmed there was to be a 12 week programme to support families over the summer, starting with outreach on the Estate.  He welcomed the commitment of residents to constructive activities leading to greater community cohesion and invited suggestions on activities by which young people could contribute to dealing with issues of concern affecting the Estate.  In response to concern about availability of activities including girls, Adrian confirmed care was taken to ensure girls were encouraged and catered for.

  1. Service Charges

Review of Service Charges

It was confirmed that TA Officers had scrutinised service charge invoices relating to 2017/18 and had identified inconsistencies.  Specific issues of concern to TA Officers and raised with Hyde Officers were: the continued payment of communal electricity charges based on estimates resulting in an overcharge in some cases, rectified in due course by credits but also resulting in overpayment by residents before reimbursement through a credit on the actual service charge, by which time no benefit would be felt by residents.  In one case, 22 invoices for the same repair.  A repair which was clearly not successfully completed on 21 occasions.

It was noted that the 2019/20 estimates were due shortly.  Tenants and leaseholders were invited to report to the TA if concerns with the 19/20 estimates were identified.

S20 Notice covering several contracts

It was reported that the S20 notice recently received from Hyde covering several potential contracts had been the subject of concern to many residents across the whole organisation.  However, the responsible manager in the Home Ownership Department explained that the intention on the part of Hyde was to put in place framework agreements to be used as required.  No particular items of work had been committed to currently.  Hyde proposed to enter into the framework arrangements so that fire safety works and other services can be provided in all eventualities.  Works and services will be commissioned only as and when required, for example, if certain types of building did not require specific works the arrangement for that work did not apply and no work of that nature would be undertaken.  The range of framework agreements covered, supply and fixing of fire doors, supply, fixing and maintenance of fire alarm, suppression and detection systems, installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems, electrical inspection and testing, temporary security measures, fire safety signage, emergency lighting, fire proofing and fire stopping, cladding, business continuity planning, management contractor for fire safety.

  1. Community Centre

The Chair reported on significant progress in relation to increased use of the Centre for a variety of activities and involving a diverse range of users from children to older people.  It was intended to arrange summer holiday activities in 2019, as in 2018, and volunteers were welcome to support these and other activities.  Residents and neighbours were invited to register as Shareholding Members of the Kennington Park Community Centre Community Benefit Society to facilitate closer involvement in the future of the Community Centre.

  1. Recommendation from Executive Committee on change of Tenants Association meeting dates

It was agreed to change meeting dates for 2019 to Tuesday 30 April, 2 July, 24 September and 26 November

  1. Any other business None raised

9          Date of Next meeting of Kennington Park Estate Tenants’ Association

1900, Tuesday 2 July, thereafter, 24 September (AGM) and 26 November 2019.  (Meeting of Executive Committee o prepare for 2 July meeting, mid June 2019.

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