Agenda: 27 November 2013

To tenants and leaseholders of Kennington Park Estate

You are invited to attend a

Meeting of the Kennington Park Estate

Residents’ Association

To be held at

7.00 pm on Wednesday 27 November 2013

at the Kennington Park Estate Community Centre

(between Alverstone and Lockwood Houses)

All tenants and leaseholders are members of the Association and welcome to attend meetings


Welcome and Introductions

  1. 1.       Apologies for absence
  2. 2.       Notes of the last meeting of the Association held on 17 July 2013 and matters  arising
  3. 3.       Consultation on new parking arrangements: The resident perspective
  4. 4.       Housing management and estate management issues.  (Reports and queries from tenants and leaseholders)
  5. 5.       Kennington Park Estate Community Centre: Report on refurbishment

HSH staff to depart

  1. 6.       Report from TA Executive Committee:
  • Review of service charges
  • Review of the CCTV service and response to formal complaint
  • The cleaning and grounds maintenance contract
  1. 7.       Report from HSH Resident Council and HSH Board
  2. 8.       Report from Positive Action Group
  3. 9.       Any other business
  4. 10.   Date of next meeting of Kennington Park Estate TA: 1900, 19 February 2014,

thereafter 16 April, 9 July, 24 September (AGM), 19 November 2014

(Meeting of Steering Group to organise next meeting, 1830, Monday, 3 February 2014, 1A Lockwood House)

Kennington Park Estate is managed by Hyde Southbank Homes on your behalf.  Our rents and service charges pay for the services.  HSH is accountable to all of us and your opinion is very important.  We look forward to welcoming you to the meeting

For news and information visit the TA website at

KPERA: 0207 582 4861 or 0207 820 0997.  Email:  Text: 07777 640367


Notes of the KPETA meeting held on 17 July 2013

Present: 16 residents of Kennington Park Estate.  In attendance: M Williams, (HSH), Cllr J Edbrooke

Henry Fawcett School Summer Activities

Sandra from Henry Fawcett attended to inform residents of the summer activities at the school for children under five and their parents.

Marco: Presentation and thanks

Special thanks to Marco for his contribution to KPETA and best wishes for the future.

Housing Management and Estate Management issues

Residents reported problems including the CCTV camera at Sherwin which was not in working order: Blythe House residents expressed concern about noise nuisance.  It was agreed to contact the RSM to establish the schedule for cleaning/disinfecting refuse containers.  Sonia Reid, member of the Resident Assurance Committee, confirmed that a review of ASB policy and practice had been undertaken recently and enforcement was expected to be more effective/rigorous.

Proposals from HSH management for enforcement of parking conditions on Kennington Park Estate

Consultation information had been issued to all residents in July shortly before the TA meeting with a closing date for responses of the day following the TA meeting.  Residents discussed the consultation material at length and agreed there was not enough detailed information provided to enable residents to reach a decision about which option might be the most effective and/or best value for money.  It was agreed unanimously to return the voting forms to the Housing Office with a comment to the effect that it was not possible to vote in the absence of critical, detailed information in relation to the implications of each of the options proposed.  It was also agreed the TA was to write to HSH management on behalf of residents to request the consultation information be redrafted and to request arrangements be made for consultation meetings to give residents the opportunity to share concerns and to ask questions and seek clarification from HSH management.

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