Agenda 24 September 2014 (AGM)

To tenants and leaseholders of Kennington Park Estate

You are invited to attend the

Annual General Meeting

of the

Kennington Park Estate

Tenants’ Association

To be held at

7.00 pm

Wednesday 24 September 2014

at the Kennington Park Estate

Community Centre

All tenants and leaseholders are members of the Tenants’ Association and welcome to attend TA meetings



Welcome and Introductions

  1. Apologies for absence
  2. From 7pm to 7.45 pm: Housing and estate management issues, including Parking Enforcement, Redevelopment of Community Centre site, and other issues tenants and leaseholders wish to raise

From 7.45 pm to 8.30 pm: AGM Business

  1. Minutes of the last Annual General Meeting held on 25 September 2013 and matters arising (here)
  2. Annual report 2013/14 (here)
  3. Financial report 2013/14 (here)
  4. Formal adoption of revised Constitution and Terms of Reference for the Kennington Park Estate Tenants’ and Residents’ Association (here)
  5. Election of block representatives to join the Tenants’ Association Executive Committee: Brockwell, Grace, Read, Sherwin, Lohmann, Hornby, Abel, Key, Blythe, Lockwood, Alverstone, Blades (Other volunteers to attend/contribute to the EC)
  6. Election of Chair, Deputy Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, for recommendation to the Executive Committee
  7. 2013/14 Report from HSH Board, HSH Resident Assurance Committee and HSH Resident Forum
  8. Any other business
  9. Date of next meeting of Tenants’ Association: 1900, Wed, 19 November 2014

(Meeting of Exec Ctte to organise next TA meeting, 1830, Monday, 3 November 2014, 1A Lockwood House)

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