Agenda: 16 April 2014

To tenants and leaseholders of Kennington Park Estate

You are invited to attend a

Meeting of the Kennington Park Estate

Tenants’ Association

To be held at

7.00 pm on Wednesday 16 April 2014

at the Kennington Park Estate Community Centre

(between Alverstone and Lockwood Houses)

All tenants and leaseholders are members of the Association and welcome to attend meetings


Welcome and Introductions

  1. 1.     Apologies for absence
  2. 2.     Notes of last meeting of the Association held on 19 February 2014
  3. 3.     Matters  arising from the notes of the last meeting: Including progress report on programme for drainage stack maintenance
  4. 4.     Housing management and estate management issues

4.1                   Complaints Procedure

4.2                   Emergency Procedure

  1. 5.     Progress report on new parking enforcement arrangements
  2. 6.     Report from TA Executive Committee:
  • Review of service charges
  1. 7.     Report from HSH Resident Forum
  2. 8.     Report from HSH Resident Assurance Committee and HSH Board
  3. 9.     Any other business
  4. 10.       Date of next meeting of Kennington Park Estate TA: 1900, 9 July 2014, thereafter, 24 September (AGM), 19 November 2014

(Meeting of Steering Group to organise next meeting, 1830, Monday, 23 June 2014, 1A Lockwood House)

Kennington Park Estate is managed by Hyde Southbank Homes on your behalf.  Our rents and service charges pay for the services.  HSH is accountable to all of us and your opinion is very important.  We look forward to welcoming you to the meeting


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