Hyde Group to merge with L+Q and East Thames Housing Associations

Our landlords, the Hyde Group, have announced that they are in merger talks with L+Q and East Thames Housing Associations.


We only know what is on Hyde’s website. But information on their proposals can be found at https://www.hyde-housing.co.uk/news-events/news/corporate-and-financial/lq-the-hyde-group-and-east-thames-to-merge/ and https://www.hyde-housing.co.uk/merger-talks-with-lq-and-east-thames/

When we know more, we’ll let you know.

Update! At the last TA meeting on 27 April residents expressed concern about remarks made by the CEO of the Hyde Group in press reports about the merger. The motion we agreed is here, as is Hyde’s reply.

Residents have been invited to comment on the merger – see here – and the TRA Chair, Joan Twelves, has submitted several questions in a personal capacity – see here.

Hyde’s further responses to our comments and questions can now be found here and here.


Update 2! The merger is no longer going ahead. More information on Hyde’s website




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