Notes 26 September 2018

Kennington Park Estate Tenants’ and Residents’ Association

Notes of the meeting of the Tenants’ Association held on 26 September 2018

 Present:                  Six residents, Joan Twelves in the Chair.

In Attendance:       Matt Hopkins, HSH Property Manager, Cllr Claire Holland

It was agreed to defer the Annual General Meeting to the next scheduled meeting in November as the quorum for a properly constituted AGM was not present.

Report from Matt Hopkins, Property Manager

It was agreed to discuss issues of concern to residents and Matt Hopkins, the KPE Property Manager reported on his areas of responsibility as follows:

  • The extraordinary pest control measures adopted to deal with the Key and Blythe infestation had been successful.
  • The pest control contractor visited on a regular basis to monitor the situation and replenish the bait boxes
  • Bike hangars had been ordered and delivery expected shortly
  • Matt anticipated access to hangars on a first come first served basis for an annual fee
  • A significant amount of time and resources was invested in balcony safety to enforce the law in relation to fire risks
  • The standard of cleaning was monitored and reported at regular estate inspections. Balcony cleaning was a particular concern.  The shortcomings were discussed with Cleanscapes including the requirement to perform to the terms of the cleaning contract
  • Dumping of bulk refuse by non residents was a major concern. It created a poor perception of the Estate.
  • Matt had arranged for spring bulbs to be planted across the Estate and he invited residents to join in planting hundreds of bulbs
  • A tree in Hornby House had been blown down in the recent high winds. Following inspection another tree in the same location was cut down as extensive fungal growth had weakened the base of the tree trunk.  Replacement trees were to be planted in due course.  It was extremely fortunate there was no one crossing Hornby court yard at the time, however, the falling tree damaged a car.
  • Matt was to organise an Estate wide tree inspection
  • Matt had arranged a survey of all the flood lights and column lights on the Estate in order to ensure all the necessary repairs were reported and undertaken. However, he reported that the response from the repair contractor was extremely poor and these repairs had been outstanding for a considerable period.
  • Matt advised residents to report anti-social behaviour to the ASB Team through Customer Services

Electrical lateral mains replacement

The S20 notice in relation to electrical lateral mains replacement in Key House and Sherwin House was discussed in detail.  Residents expressed concern about the significant cost to leaseholders.  TA officers were in detailed discussion with the Hyde Contract Manager.  It was confirmed that this refurbishment work was essential in that the external electrical wiring, in most cases, was as old as the buildings themselves and it had failed completely in recent times leaving some flats without power at considerable inconvenience to residents and cost in terms of temporary accommodation.

Festive pantomime for children at the Community Centre

The Community Centre was arranging a pantomime for children on 15 December.  Everyone invited.  A request for small presents for Santa to give to the children was to be made to local businesses and other voluntary and community organisations.


Date of next meeting of the Kennington Park Estate Tenants’ Association

The next meeting was scheduled for 1900 on Wednesday 28 November 2018 to include the deferred 2018 Annual General Meeting.

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