Minutes 26 November 2019


Present: 12 tenants and leaseholders. Joan Twelves in the chair.

In attendance: Matt Hopkins, Hyde Property Manager for Kennington Park Estate, PC Thomas Kullman, Oval Safer Neighbourhood Police Team

  1. Apologies for absence

Apologies for absence were received from Steph Reid, Jennifer Gore, Cllr Hopkins and Cllr Normal, Cllr Holland and Alastair Kisby

  1. Minutes of the last meetings of the TRA held on 2 July and 24 September 2019 and matters arising from the minutes

The minutes of the meetings of the TRA held on 2 July and 24 September 2019 were approved as a correct record. It was confirmed that matters arising from those minutes were covered in the agenda for this meeting.

  1. Housing Management and Estate Management Issues

Matt Hopkins reported on estate management issues as follows:

  • The cleaning contractor had been defaulted a sum of £5,000 as a result of regular estate inspection and close monitoring.
  • Plans were in hand to create a community garden on the area surrounded by Alverstone House. An initial meeting to be held at the beginning of the year. It was intended to prepare to enter gardening competitions.
  • It was also intended to review the policy on the use of the area for ‘dog walking’.
  • He had issued Tort notices when undertaking regular estate inspections to ensure balconies were clear of fire and safety hazards
  • Tenants requested further information from Hyde with reference to action/conditions required of residents in relation to maintaining safe conditions on balconies.
  • In response to a question about certain types of noise, Matt confirmed that the law identified anti-social hours as 2300 to 0700.
  • Matt informed residents that the responsive repairs contractor was under review due to inadequate performance. Progress on communal repairs in the last year or so had been very poor.
  • He also confirmed that replacement of external, communal electrical mains in Lockwood House was to be prioritised above the work originally scheduled in the programme in relation to Blades and Hornby Houses. It was anticipated that Purdy was to start the work in Lockwood in January.
  • Matt referred to service charge actuals for 2018/2019recently published. The TA had requested invoice packs for all 12 KPE blocks. He had arranged a meeting with the TA to scrutinise invoices when the packs were received. Inaccuracies and anomalies were then to be raised formally with Hyde Contract Managers.
  • Some queries were outstanding from the previous year.
  • A resident of Blythe House reported faults with communal lighting

Matt was thanked for his report.

  1. Reports for Information

4.1       Report from PC Kullman: Major Police Operation in North Lambeth including Kennington Park Estate

PC Kullman reported on Operation Soteria. Following a year-long investigation a major police operation (Operation Soteria) was undertaken covering north Lambeth and a wider area on 25 and 26 September targeting drug dealing and criminal gangs. The operation resulted in 200 arrests. Six warrants were executed on Kennington Park Estate. Class A drugs and fire arms were recovered. The raids were designed to take violent dealers off the street and send a strong warning to others involved in such criminality. The operation was funded by extra resources from the London Mayor as part of the response to the increase in victims of violent crime in London. 28 people were arrested and charged with drug offences. However, it was confirmed that few of those arrested and charged remained in custody and were released back to their home address. KPE residents were reassured to hear that in the event of conviction, custodial sentences were likely for individuals who had been the cause of serious problems and disruption.

The work involved close working with the Council and other housing authorities such as housing associations. Some long-standing problem addresses were targeted. There were also addresses which were problematic in terms of mental health issues and a different approach involving many agencies was required. Residents who had been intimidated by nefarious individuals could feel more confident following action against perpetrators. It was confirmed that Officers were in close liaison with staff managing Kennington Park Estate to ensure appropriate evidence was available in terms of tenancy enforcement. Residents confirmed that the Estate was ‘quieter’ since the police operation. It was also noted that there had been some success with reference to recovery of stolen vehicles.

4.2       Electrical mains replacement programme

As reported by the Property Manager, Purdy, the electrical contractor was to start this work in Lockwood at the beginning of the year. The work was to include replacement of all external electrical wiring along with new LED balcony lights. The new wiring was then to be connected to the power supply in all properties.

4.3       Development/construction activity in the area

It was reported that, in addition to the major development underway on the Gas Holder and Tesco site, which was scheduled to take nearly eight years, demolition and construction had just started on the spectator stand at the Lockwood House side of the Oval to create a conference centre, offices and spectator seating. GLA land on the NLE site at Montford Place, opposite the Gas Holder site, was to be developed as housing. The petrol station opposite the Tesco site on Kennington Lane was to be developed as a block of flats, 15/16 storeys high. Construction of a hotel on the Oval House Theatre was to start in spring 2020. The TRA was concerned about construction traffic and the effect on the minor roads in the area. The concerns had been brought to the attention of the local authority.

4.4       Scrutiny of Service Charges

As above, it was confirmed that the TRA was to receive 2018/19 invoice packs for all KPE blocks and scrutinise the invoices to identify possible/perceived inaccuracies, then contact the relevant Hyde managers to seek clarification. As discussed on previous occasions, contract management was a major concern.

  1. Report from Community Centre Board of Trustees

The Chair reported that the Community Centre was to present a Pantomime and visit from Santa in December, free to children and parents. Some funding for the pantomime had been secured from Surrey CCC and Berkeley Homes. Further donations to make up the full cost would be welcome.

  1. Any Other business

None raised.




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