Local communities need local community centres!

Kennington Park Community Centre – at the heart of our Estate – has been run by Hyde Housing since it took over the Estate from Lambeth Council in 2005. Hyde recently decided to hand the running of its community centres across London to other organisations and, in the case of KPCC, to explore developing the space it occupies to build private flats.


The Tenants & Residents Association, along with our neighbours supporting Hyde’s Stockwell Centre, launched an immediate campaign to Save KPCC, which has been most successful in raising public awareness of its value. We have had a lot of support from local people, both Estate residents and those who live and work in the wider neighbourhood, as well as local businesses and organisations – for which we thank you.

In parallel to our campaign we have been talking to Hyde about how to keep the Centre open and we have now agreed an interim management arrangement whereby, from 1 July 2017, the day-to-day management and operation of KPCC will be managed by the TRA.

Our partnership agreement will ensure that KPCC remains open and available for community use and activities for the immediate future.  We will be looking to increase usage of KPCC, and develop connections with local enterprises who require event and meeting space.

Our approach will balance the financial needs of KPCC with the aspiration to ensure the Centre has a sustainable future and continues to support local residents and community groups.  

Our campaign to keep the Centre continues – we oppose its demolition and will fight to keep it. But in the meantime our aim is to turn the Centre round so that it is a viable and thriving local resource. Over the next few weeks we will be launching a dedicated website (www.kpccoval.org) where you will be able to book the Centre for your events. In the meantime

For bookings until 1 July 2017 please contact Hyde on 0207 346 6576, email kpcc@hyde-housing.co.uk or stockwellcentre@hyde-housing.co.uk.

For all enquiries about bookings after 1 July 2017 or any questions about KPCC please contact the TRA by email kpccoval@gmail.com or text 07777 640 367. 

We can also be contacted via the contact form on the right hand side of this page.

Over the next few weeks we will be launching a dedicated website (www.kpccoval.org) and a dedicated phone number.

Support KPCC by using KPCC!

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